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Interactive learning AI

Garoop lessons allow you to learn while having fun.Also, you can ask questions in real time while watching videos, so you can study efficiently. It is a loss of learning opportunity, so we will improve it.

AI Utilization Skill Learning

premiumBy applying, you can receive an original Garu-chan badge, paid video viewing rights, and review support. You can learn more practically how to develop apps, create videos, and create advertisements using ChatGPT and generation AI, and acquire cutting-edge mind and skills.

You can get prizes

You can earn points by completing missions. You can exchange the points you earn for Amazon gift cards and various prizes.

Visualization of results

You can see the results of the children's practice in graphs and tables, and have the AI ​​analyze them. Along with this, you can repeat failures and successes over and over again, fostering the child's spirit of challenge. To do.

Super Plan

By subscribing to a premiam plan, you can receive Garu-chan limited badges, receive feedback on your achievements, and gain further learning and experience with Garu-chan. I'm waiting!

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Sponsor application

By sponsoring Garoop, you can contribute to next-generation education and place advertisements. Sponsor companies can improve their branding while contributing to children's education, and listen to the opinions of digital native children. I can.

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